The subsidy that handles import and export of petroleum products (oil) of Ruangchaikij Group is RCK Bombardier Import Export Co., Ltd. The services of the company include:

  • Being a petroleum products (oil) distributor for Fang Oil Refinery of the Defence Energy Department, Ministry of Defence in Fang District, Chiang Mai Province by exporting oil to the southern region of China (Sipsongpanna, Yunnan Province), Lao People's Democratic Republic, and Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Being a fuel oil distributor to domestic and international cargo ships for PTT Public Co., Ltd. RCK Bombardier Import Export Co., Ltd. has cargo ship clients in Singapore.

As for petroleum products (oil) distribution in Indochina countries, Ruangchaikij Group has a pleasure to provide comprehensive services including sales service and logistics service. Customers can also pick up the oil ticket by themselves and we have employees to service at all tank farms. If customers only want the company to transport petroleum products (oil) by taking customers’ oil ticket or oil ticket that the customers order, the company has transportation service with high standard that is punctual and with complete quantity and quality under policy “Customer satisfaction is our service.”

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